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Evil Guardian by Scott Bonn



The Staircase: The Murder of Kathleen Peterson

We are accepting submissions in the True Crime category for 2018.

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We are accepting submissions in Non-Fiction, History and True Crime categories only at this time.

RJ Parker Publishing is a traditional, hybrid publisher: we will produce your book in eBook | Paperback and Audiobook. For the majority of authors, we pay the cost of editing, cover artist, ISBN number, formatting etc. We don't pay advances, which in this business an advance is used against royalties before you get paid. BUT, we DO pay a much higher royalty rate AND you get paid every month!

The standard industry rate is 12-16 %. We pay 50% to established writers and 40% to new authors. (New authors will pay a set up fee of $2500 to cover costs).

Today, the book business is a difficult pursuit. Why complicate matters? With experience as a Literary Agent, Award-winning Author, Publicist, and Publisher, RJ Parker offers years of success to represent you and your work.

Ask yourself, 'Do I want to succeed? Is my book worthy of reaping all it is worth and then some?' If you take pride in your work and want to excel to the top, RJ Parker will implement his years of knowledge and skills learned as an industry leader in marketing to get your work into the hands of the people who matter.

As a skilled writer, most all of RJ Parker's books sailed to the 'Top 100 List' on Amazon and remained there. His skills as a Publicist aided many to join him on that list and several other lists and awards. As a Publisher, there are no hurdles RJ Parker has not faced, which he has not overcome. And as a Literary Agent, RJ Parker has proudly promoted some of the top contemporary names in the industry to the very pinnacle of their career.

Do you have a manuscript? Are you tired of rejections? Tired of waiting for the inevitable call that never happens. If you are looking for mediocrity or status quo, RJ Parker is not a good fit. However, Parker is a go-getter in the industry who will not cease to make your dreams become your reality!

Send your book description, synopsis, first two chapters and short Bio, to Agent@RJParkerPublishing.com

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