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The Staircase: The Murder of Kathleen Peterson

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Bandits & Renegades: Historical True Crime Stories: A Crimes Canada Special Edition

by Edward Butts

Historic Canada is often thought to be dull and peaceful compared to the 'Wild West' of the United States, but Edward Butts reveals that 'Wild North' Canada had its own share of murder and mayhem, pirates, terrorists and gunslingers.

True Stories Inside the Book
Patty Cannon: Devil Woman Eddie Guerin
The Man From Devil's Island Clan-na-Gael
Attack on the Welland Canal Henry Wagner
Pirate of the Georgia Strait Old Creepy
The Saga of Alvin Karpis Georges Lemay
Tunnel Man
Some Canadian-born criminals even made their way to the United States, like 19th century female serial killer and slave dealer Patty "Devil Woman" Cannon who kidnapped free African Americans for the slave trade or Depression-era 'Public Enemy' bank robber Alvin "Creepy" Karpis from the Ma Barker Gang.

Bandits & Renegades shows us the hidden dark side of Canada's past.