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What Could Possibly Incite Parents To Kill Their Own Children? Filicide Murder by True Crime Author RJ Parker

20 Oct 2017 00:17

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What could possibly incite parents to kill their own children?

This collection of "Filicidal Killers" provides a gripping overview of how things can go horribly wrong in once-loving families. Parents Who Killed their Children depicts ten of the most notorious and horrific cases of homicidal parental units out of control. People like--Andrea Yates, Diane Downs, Susan Smith, and Jeffrey MacDonald--who received a great deal of media attention. The author explores the reasons; from addiction to postpartum psychosis, insanity to altruism, revenge and jealousy. 
Each story is detailed with background information on the parents, the murder scenes, trials, sentencing and aftermath. 
PUBLISHERS WEEKLY - "{A} valuable resource and reference book for Criminologists and Psychologists on the fraught subject of maternal filicide, supported with ten case studies. A clear-eyed view on the most heartbreaking of crimes." 
SUSPENSE MAGAZINE - "Parents Who Kill Their Children is a great read for aficionados of true crime. The way the author laid the cases out made the hair on the back of my neck stand up." 

Andrea Yates
Darlie Routier
Susan Eubanks
Lianne Smith
Alan Bristol
Jeffrey MacDonald
Deanna Laney
Susan Smith
Tonya Thomas
Diane Downs 

"Acclaimed true crime author, RJ Parker, has a knack for collecting high-profile cases under specific themes. This collection about parents who kill their children provides a fast-paced, gripping overview of how things can go horribly wrong in once-loving families. From Andrea Yates to Jeffrey MacDonald to Susan Smith, Parker reports on the stunning case details and suggests reasons why the parental bond can get so twisted. The updates at the end of each chapter add a lot, since popular media rarely follows up. An important reference for true crime readers." 

-- (Dr. Katherine Ramsland, Ph.D.), bestselling author of "The Mind of a Murderer" and "The Ivy League Killer."

"Is there anything more reprehensible than filicide--that is, the intended act of a parent killing his or her own child? In "Parents Who Killed Their Children," the award-winning true crime author RJ Parker shines a powerful light on this dark and sordid phenomenon. First, Parker offers a number of possible psychological and environmental causes (or at least correlates) of filicide. Then he presents ten shocking, real life case histories of parents who murdered their children. The result is a book that is bound to make you rethink the absolute sanctity of motherhood and reflect on why some mothers do indeed "eat their young." This is a powerful read and another hard-hitting, compelling entry by RJ Parker." 

-- (Dr. Scott Bonn, Ph.D), criminologist, professor and author of the forthcoming "Why We Love Serial Killers"


This book has been selected by several Universities in their upcoming courses in Criminology, Sociology and Forensic Psychology, including, the University of Utah and Penn State University. 


Andrea Yates Killer Book
Darlie Routier Killer Book
Susan Eubanks Killer Book
Lianne Smith Killer Book
Alan Bristol Killer Book
Jeffrey MacDonald Killer Book
Deanna Laney Killer Book
Susan Smith Killer Book
Tonya Thomas Killer Book
Diane Downs Killer Book
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True Crime Books by RJ Parker

14 Oct 2017 18:35

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TOP CASES of The FBI - Volume 2

26 Sep 2017 21:01

From underworld gangsters to homegrown terrorists, the Federal Bureau of Investigations has tracked down and arrested some of the most infamous felons in history. 
In this 2nd volume of TOP CASES of The FBI, Parker includes more recent and illustrious cases broken down into major criminal categories; Organized Crime and Gangsters, Counterintelligence/Espionage, Violent Crime/Major Thefts/Bank Robberies, Civil Rights, White Collar Crime, and Terrorism. 
Some of the more notorious investigations detailed in the book include; Black Dahlia, Hurricane Katrina Fraud, American Traitor Robert Hanssen, Undercover FBI Agent Joseph Pistone, the KKK, and the Anthrax Attacks post 9/11.
Pre-order NOW and DON'T PAY until November 13 (Release date)
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Abduction: The Minivan Murders

17 Sep 2017 01:22

Fueled by methamphetamines and deviant motives, nothing was off limits for James Daveggio and Michelle Michaud. Not even their own children. Living out of a specially rigged minivan (a mobile torture chamber that included ropes, hooks, curling irons, duct tape, etc), this cold-blooded murdering duo kidnapped, tortured, raped and killed young girls from Reno, Nevada, to Sacramento, California.

While the local and state police departments, and even the FBI, vigorously searched for the couple, they freely hunted for prey and carried out their months-long spree of abduction and murder.

Warning: This true account is at times quite graphic which some may find disturbing.


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Loads of DISCOUNTED Books on Sale from RJ Parker Publishing in True Crime and Action Fiction

20 Aug 2017 00:16

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The True Story of Serial Killer Oscar Ray Bolin

11 Aug 2017 18:46

New Kindle release today by JT Hunter and RJ Parker Publishing-  Death Row Romeo: The True Story of Serial Killer Oscar Ray Bolin

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The Real Answer to: What Defines a Serial Killer?

25 Jul 2017 23:39

If you search the internet for 'Serial Killer definition' you'll get, for the most part, the same answer, beginning with someone who kills 3 or more people ....

Extracted from my book, "The Encyclopedia of Serial Killers, from A to Z"

A serial killer, as originally described by Ronald Ressler of the FBI, is usually an individual (but may be a small group or an individual validated by a group) who murders three or more people over more than one event. The FBI recently changed this definition to an individual who commits two or more murders with a "cooling-off" period in which the killer plans and fantasizes about the next kill while reliving the previous one. Cite https://www.fbi.gov/stats-services/publications/serial-murder#two
Ressler of the FBI's Behavioral Science Unit (BSU), used the term to describe a different class of killer who operates independently of criminal or political affiliation with an aim to take life due to personal reasoning, rather than any outside influence from society. 
Serial killers usually kill for one of several reasons, including personal enjoyment, stress relief, or even to uphold a personal set of moral or rational values (such as the Yorkshire Ripper in the United Kingdom, who killed to clean the streets of what he believed to be a plight on his world).
Serial killers can come from a variety of socio-economic backgrounds, can be male or female, and often have trouble empathizing with others.
The typical characteristics of a serial killer are hard to pin down; as there really aren't any concrete indicators beyond the simple fact that the individual has chosen to engage in a series of murders for his or her own reason. 
With that said, there are several broad trends that have been noted. Most specifically is the age range in which serial murderers become fully active—between the ages of twenty and forty. Older cases have been identified, but those are usually believed to be serial killers who avoided earlier detection. Younger people involved in serial killing have also been identified, but they are unlikely to be directly involved at first, and instead typically take a supporting role to a more dominant individual.
Serial killers are also typically male, although this view has been criticized in recent times, as female serial killers are not uncommon but still not as numerous as men. The major difference between male and female serial killers is in actual method, rather than motivation and capability. Women are more likely to choose passive methods, such as poisoning, while men tend to choose violent methods, such as strangulation or stabbing. 
There are also a disproportionately high number of ethnic minority serial killers, especially in the U.S. This may be because they are more likely to succumb to an unstable, unusually stressful or abusive situation, due to the less than ideal treatment of ethnic minorities within many societies. 
Serial killers are commonly thought of as intelligent, but recent research conducted in the United States has shown that they are in fact of average to below average intelligence, with an average IQ of 93. Many serial killers are often raised in abusive or unstable households and this abuse causes behavioural and mental problems later in life.
The Macdonald triad is a set of behavioural characteristics often used to describe the background and possible indications of a serial killer. This theory proposes that there are three behaviours common in serial killers. They include: a preoccupation and obsession with fire starting, a prevalence for sadistic behaviour as a child (which may involve the torture and killing of small animals), and bed wetting into the early teen years (past the age of twelve). However, there have always been exceptions to the above and a serial killer can emerge from any background or area of society. 
The modus operandi (MO) is a term coined to refer to the particular methods and functional characteristics of a serial killer. The MO can be made up of different aspects, such as the time to strike, the characteristics of a victim, the tools to be used, the methods of gaining entry or luring and subduing a victim, or the locations used during the crime. 
The MO can and often will be similar when conducted by the same person, as there are usually personal reasons or rational issues leading to the choice of a particular method. Similar MOs can be used to link homicides by police departments and possibly uncover an individual serial killer who may have gone unnoticed. The MO is similar to and may be involved in the signature of a particular serial killer, but the two are not one and the same. The signature is often a personal and symbolic feature of a serial killer's crimes and typically has personal meaning that may not be immediately apparent. 
On the other hand, the MO also refers to the practical choices made by the serial killer in actually committing the act. Not all serial killers leave a signature, as not all murders may be 'perfect' or uninterrupted according to the killer. However, MOs will typically remain similar across all murders as the killer becomes comfortable with the act of killing. Analyzing MOs can be used to predict, link, and eventually convict serial killers by better understanding their methods and abilities.
The motives of serial killers differ depending on their background and circumstances but can be put into one of four categories generally: visionary, mission-orientated, hedonistic and power seeking.
Visionaries believe an outside force compels them to commit murder. These outside forces are generally broken into two groups: demon spoken and God spoken. Those in the demon spoken group believe they are influenced by and led into the act due to an intangible force of evil intent that enjoys the act in some way. Those in the God spoken group believe they are led into the act due to a good or divine presence that justifies the act in terms of a higher power or greater good. Visionaries typically suffer from psychotic and hallucinatory breaks with reality, and are deemed mentally ill for the most part. They may be dealing with emotional trauma left over from an abusive or unusually stressful past. 
Mission-orientated serial killers believe they are conducting some kind of service or fulfilling a function. This function is determined by the killer and his own ability to understand the world around him. They believe they are, in essence, conducting a mission, such a cleaning up the world or removing a perceived evil or problematic element of society (for example, prostitutes).
Hedonistic serial killers kill for the pleasure of killing and may also receive sexual gratification from the act. They kill for their own sexual pleasure and derive greater pleasure through greater depths of torture and mutilation. Hedonistic killers tend to increase the frequency of their attacks as they become more eager to repeat the process. They are also notorious for becoming sloppy and disregarding the possibility of being discovered. 
Finally, power and control serial killers seek to kill in order to exercise some dimension of control over their victims. This includes the 'angel of death' cases, in which medical practitioners kill or attempt to kill patients in order to exercise power over who lives and who dies. These killers are also called thrill seeking killers, as they kill to get the thrill of dominance over their victims. Those who kill others for financial gain and material possessions also fall into this category, as the thrill of gaining something from someone else by murder is exercising the power and dominance over another person.
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Action Book Released Today by Bernard Lee DeLeo

22 Jul 2017 15:55

NEW RELEASE TODAY by Bernard Lee DeLeo and RJ Parker Publishing, Inc.

The 9th book in the John Harding Series:

John Harding’s Monster Squad challenges the new MS-13 arrivals in Oakland with death and deportation.
Nick McCarty takes a contract on Mexican pirates who killed a man’s son on Falcon Lake in Texas, while covering the hit with another book signing.
Mehdi Al-Kazar wants revenge for the killing of Kalil Al-Kazar, whom Nick blew up in a Michigan grenade attack.
Interlinking threads from Antifa/BLM thugs, both the Monster Squad and Unholy Trio tangle with, lead to a terrorist enabler they thought was in prison. He holds the key to getting both Mehdi Al-Kazar and the Isle of Darkness, where Cafrey Rothstein hosts and enables terrorist leaders on a modern-day sex slave island.
A last second injury catapults a substituting John Harding into the fight of his life against a former Heavyweight Boxing Champion, to gain UFC reinstatement.
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Hot Car Deaths. Break the Fucking Window if you have to

21 Jul 2017 00:31

Spreading awareness about the reality of hot car deaths is the first step toward eliminating these tragedies.
In Backseat Tragedies: Hot Car Deaths, bestselling true crime authors RJ Parker and JJ Slate explore the circumstances that led to the deaths of over twenty children who died of hyperthermia, or heatstroke, in a car. They explore the science of how quickly a car can heat to deadly temperatures and why the human brain can so easily be tricked into forgetting something as important as a child. They also highlight important steps we can take as a community to prevent future casualties.

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Voices from Death Row

18 Jul 2017 17:18

"Voices From Death Row" by Kelly Banaski

Link on Amazon US...

Some of the country's most infamous inmates serving a death sentence or life without parole are represented in this telling chronicle. True crime author Kelly Banaski takes a look at their gruesome crimes and shares her conversations with them in this look at heinous crimes and life in prison.

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Books by RJ Parker Publishing on Amazon Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and United States.

3 Jul 2017 22:27

Books by RJ Parker Publishing on Amazon Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and United States. Click the Icons.

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Blood Money: The Method and Madness of Assassins

10 Jun 2017 22:07

Pre-Order Now and Don't Pay Until June 25.

United States | United Kingdom | Canada | Australia
France | Germany | India | Spain

BLOOD MONEY: The Method and Madness of Assassins

by RJ Parker
Foreword by Dr. Scott Bonn

From the old days of mobsters in smoky barrooms plotting to gun down their rivals, to the new age of ordinary people hiring contract killers through the Dark Web, this book depicts the history of assassins and how they work.
While movies portray assassins as glamorous, wealthy and full of mystery, the sober truth is often quite different.
The number of homicides credited to contract killers each year is staggering, and on the rise: business people killing their rivals, organized gang war kills, honor killings and even cold-blooded kills between spouses.
In Blood Money: The Method and Madness of Assassins, RJ Parker documents over a dozen infamous cases of professional assassins including Richard Kuklinski (The Ice Man), Charles Harrelson (Natural Born Killer) and Vincent Coll (Mad Dog).
Included is also a riveting foreword written by Dr. Scott Bonn providing his reasoning why an assassin is not considered a serial killer in the professional community.
RJ Parker, PhD, is an award-winning and bestselling true crime author and publisher of RJ Parker Publishing. He has written 26 true crime books which are available in eBook, paperback and audiobook editions and have sold in over 100 countries. He holds Certifications in Serial Crime and Criminal Profiling. Parker amazes his readers with top notch writing and idealist research. 


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BEATEN and LEFT FOR DEAD - A Horrific True Story

20 May 2017 01:32

Beaten and Left for Dead: The Story of Teri Jendusa-Nicolai
Authored by Dave Alfvin, Created by RJ Parker Publishing, Illustrated by Aeternum Designs

United States
United Kingdom

The Crime of the Decade in Wisconsin...and covered nationally by CNN News. Interviews by Barbara Walters on 20/20, Oprah Winfrey and in April 2017, Dr. Oz. 
Teri Jendusa never dreamed she would marry a violent, malignant narcissist like David Larsen. But she did. Why? Simple. Larsen cleverly concealed his true nature until the marriage vows were final. David, an eventual church council president and model citizen, rapidly began to morph into a monster and sociopath, telling Teri on their wedding day, “now, I own you.” 
Beaten and Left For Dead is a book about extreme marital violence, dominant control and psychological torment through the mind of the out-of-control David Larsen. It's also about survival, faith and a mother’s will to live for her children’s sake...as she faces death, face to face. 
This is an ideal book for women’s studies and book clubs as it looks inside a large women’s shelter, giving the reader a glimpse of a support network. The author also interviews a counselor who works with violent men with surprising results. 
Teri Jendusa-Nicolai continues to crusade for women’s issues to this day and currently works with a Wisconsin commission on domestic violence.

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12 May 2017 01:39

The Basement has sold 26,000 copies since October and for the first time will be $0.99 on Kindle May 12, 13.
Also in Hardcopy and Audiobook

#Abduction #Truecrime

On March 24, 1987, the Philadelphia Police Department received a phone call from a woman who stated that she had been held captive for the last four months. When police officers arrived at the pay phone from which the call was made, Josephina Rivera told them that she and three other women had been held captive in a basement by a man named Gary Heidnik. 

This is a shocking story of kidnapping, rape, torture, mutilation, dismemberment, decapitation, and murder. 

The subject matter in this book is graphic

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True Crime Book Sale

11 May 2017 22:48

May 13-17 these books will be  $0.99 on Kindle


True Crime Books on sale $0.99

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Blood Thirst

2 Apr 2017 23:48

Blood Thirst: The True Story of Serial Wayne Boden by Alan R Warren. New release April 1 by RJ Parker Publishing


#truecrime #serialkillers #books #History #Amazon #Canada #KindleeBooks #kindleunlimited #Bookbub #RJParker

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Save 25% now on this #1 Bestseller True Crime Encyclopedia

25 Mar 2017 22:26

AVAILABLE in Kindle | Paperback | Audiobook
WARNING: There are several graphic crime scene photos in this book that some may find disturbing.
The ultimate reference for anyone compelled by the pathologies and twisted minds behind the most disturbing of homicidal monsters. From A to Z, there are names you may not have heard of, but many of you are familiar with notorious names serial killers such as; John Wayne Gacy, Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, Gary Ridgway, Aileen Wuornos, and Dennis Rader, just to name a few. This reference book will make a great collection for true crime enthusiasts. Each story is in a Reader's Digest short form. 
"A compendium of 101 serial killers in "Reader's Digest" style. A recommended reference book of madmen and women" 
--- Publisher's Weekly 
"A good read; great reference tool for true crime book addicts and contains just the facts. no glitter, no embellishments, just facts on 101 serial killers." 
--- Serial Killers Magazine 
"Serial Killers Abridged is a treasure of depravity and a must for anyone who likes to read True Crime and the darkest side of the subject. The book gives you plenty of detail upon each the Serial Killers including dates, victims,and the outcome of each case. The word count on each case is perfect for spurt reading that is if you can put it down without going into the next case. No wasted fluff in the writing just right to the facts. As a bonus you also get an extra write-up from JJ Slate contributing to the 101 Serial Killer so you get a taste of her very impressive style of writing for her new book Missing Wives, Missing Lives" 
--- Kipp Poe Speicher Amazon Vine Reviewer
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The A to Z Encyclopedia of Serial Killers
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$0.99. ** SAVE $4.00 ** FREEDOM OF THE FEW: A True Story

7 Mar 2017 22:51

$0.99 KINDLE PROMOTION – PRE-ORDER NOW. Coming March 20th.

For a limited time, order this 310-page NEW RELEASE, “Freedom of the Few: Canada’s Most Prolific Bank Robber” for only $0.99. ** SAVE $4.00 **
This is the 17th book in our Crimes Canada Collection and a full-length book by Ray Lawinger.
Tags:  True Crime Canada
Bank Robber
RJ Parker Publishing
Ray Lawinger
Peter Vronsky
True Crime Non Fiction
$0.99 Kindle Books
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Canada's most prolific Bank Robber tells all in this full-length book

3 Mar 2017 20:14

PRE-ORDER now and don't pay until March 20th..."Freedom of the Few" by Ray Lawinger Canada's most prolific Bank Robber. Volume 17 in the Crimes Canada Collection
So you think you can escape the system?
Thirteen-year-old Ray Lawinger certainly thought he could. He was still young enough to believe that he could attain the coveted freedom of the few--still naïve enough to think he could live on the edge. He was wrong.
For most of the next 28 years, Ray spent his days in and out of some of the most notorious prisons in Canada, including the infamous Millhaven Maximum Security and Collins Bay, also known as the Gladiator School. He wasn't big and strong at first, but he was crafty and survived his days spent in these gladiator arenas only to emerge smarter and more savvy. From a foiled and folly of an escape attempt to being stabbed and stitching himself back up, his luck ran the gamut.
In an endearingly funny but unapologetically gritty tale of the many fantastic adventures of Canada's most prolific bank robber, Ray takes us on his journey of freedom, loss, and new hope as he struggles to reconcile his own values with the sometimes equally crooked interests of an indifferent justice system. Will he be able to leave the convoluted and complex system relatively unscathed? Can he escape the trap of the freedom of the few, beat the odds and finally survive on the outside? As the final survivor, a happy ending may finally be in store for him.
#Truecrime #Canada #CrimesCanada #History
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Murder By The Books Vol 2 - 7 in 1 Boxed Set of True Crime Books just $4.75

28 Feb 2017 00:32

Save $32 when you purchase this 7 in 1 true crime book collection, or read for FREE with your Kindle Unlimited membership
This boxed set includes:
- Recent Cold Cases solved by Forensic Science, including: Krystal Beslanowitch, Lucille Johnson, Sara Lynn Wineski and others. 
- Serial Homicide, Notorious Serial Killers (Book 1): Albert Fish, Ted Bundy, Dennis Nilsen, Jeffrey Dahmer, Gary Ridgway and Edmund Kemper 
- Serial Homicide, Notorious Serial Killers (Book 2): John Wayne Gacy, Dennis Rader, Edward Gein, Aileen Wuornos, Jane Toppan and Nannie Doss 
- Serial Homicide, Notorious Serial Killers (Book 3): The Backpacker Murders, Arnold Karl Sodeman, The Moorhouse Murders, The Snowtown Murders, Eric Edgar Cooke and Lindsay Robert Rose 
- The Basement This is a shocking story of kidnapping, rape, torture, mutilation, dismemberment, decapitation, and murder. On March 24, 1987, the Philadelphia Police Department received a phone call from a woman who stated that she had been held captive for the last four months. When police officers arrived at the pay phone from which the call was made, Josefina Rivera told them that she and three other women had been held captive in a basement by a man named Gary Heidnik. He imprisoned women in chains, in the filth and stench of a hole dug under his home. 
- Serial Killer Groupies This book delves into the twisted psychology of women attracted to some of the most notorious monsters on the planet, giving true crime readers real insight into this phenomena. 
- Escaped Killer When this killer was on the loose, citizens were vigilant, yet scared. Children were not allowed outside to play without adult supervision. But then he was captured, tried, convicted, and put away for life in prison. The community could finally breathe again. They are out of danger. Until the day the convicted killer escapes prison and rains terror upon anyone and everyone in his way. The manhunt pursues, the killer kills, and earns the title of a serial killer. 
Approximately 700 Kindle Pages of horrific murder cases for under $5.00
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Escaped Killer: The True Story of Allan Legere

28 Feb 2017 00:28

When this killer was on the loose, citizens were vigilant, yet scared. Children were not allowed outside to play without adult supervision. But then he was captured, tried, convicted, and put away for life in prison. The community could finally breathe again.
They are out of danger.Until the day the convicted killer escapes prison and rains terror upon anyone and everyone in his way. The manhunt pursues, the killer kills, and earns the title of a serial killer.
This is the story of Allan Legere--a monster!
Inside Bonus - the story of Andrea Yates from the book, "Parents Who Killed Their Children"

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Serial Homicide Book 3 - Australian Serial Killers (Notorious Serial Killers)

28 Feb 2017 00:24

Between 1989 and 2006, there were 5,226 homicides in Australia. Serial homicides account for 1% of this astonishing number of murders that were committed by 13 known offenders. 
In this 3rd volume of Serial Homicide, the following cases are discussed: 
On their way to Sydney for a festival, British backpackers Joanne Walters and Caroline Clarke suddenly disappeared. Their bodies were the first of many to be discovered buried in Belango State Forest. Joanne was stabbed 35 times while Caroline was shot in the head 10 times. Seemingly unstoppable, The Backpacker Killer, Ivan Milat, went on to kill between 7 and 12 people. 
Known as The Moorhouse Murders, David and Catherine Birnie cruised the streets to abduct young women and bring them to their house. There they raped, tortured, and killed them without mercy. 
The Snowtown Murders, aka Bodies-in-barrels murders, were committed by four serial killers who targeted homosexuals brutally killing 12 people before they were stopped. 
Arnold Sodeman, the School-girl Killer, lured young girls between the ages of 6 and 16 with money and ice cream. None of his four victims made it home from the play ground or schools. 
Eric Edgar Cooke, the Night Caller, terrorized one community for four years where he killed a dozen people. His acts were so depraved it's questionable whether Cooke was even human.One victim was strangled to death with the cord from a bedside lamp, after which Cooke he raped the corpse, dragged it to a neighbor's lawn, then sexually penetrated it with an empty whiskey bottle. 
Lindsay Robert Rose is an Australian serial killer and contract killer from New South Wales, currently serving five consecutive sentences of life imprisonment without the possibility of parole for the murder of 5 people between 1984 and 1994. 
Ted Bundy 
Jeffrey Dahmer 
Albert Fish 
Gary Ridgway 
Dennis Nilsen 
Edmund Kemper 
Plus... Bonus Story Chris Dorner 
John Wayne Gacy 
Dennis Rader 
Edward Gein 
Aileen Wuornos 
Jane Toppan 
Nannie Doss
Kindle eBook and Paperback
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Serial Homicide Volume 2 released in December 2016

22 Dec 2016 01:49

Serial Killers are hunters that prey upon fellow people. It is not uncommon for them to torture and rape their victims. They are sex offenders, rapists, child molesters, and some are even cannibals. They thrive on their victim's showing of fear which makes them feel the power of dominance and control.

This is the second book in the 'Notorious Serial Killers' series that features three male and three female serial killers. INCLUDES PHOTOS

Included in this volume:

Between 1972 and 1978, John Wayne Gacy killed at least thirty-three boys and men in Illinois, of which, twenty-six bodies/skeletons were buried in the crawl space under his house.

Also known as “Bind, Torture, Kill” because of his methods of killing, Dennis Rader killed ten people in Kansas between 1974 and 1991.

Edward Gein was a body snatcher and serial killer from Wisconsin. He would make items from corpses: lampshades made from facial skin, bowls made out of skulls, wastebaskets made from human skin.

Aileen Wuornos killed seven men in Florida between 1989 and 1990. She initially claimed that her victims had raped her while she was working as a prostitute. She later confessed that this wasn't true.

Between 1895 and 1901, Jane Toppan, a Nurse in Boston, killed at least thirty-one people using mixtures of drugs such as morphine and Atropine. Usually female serial killers murder for profit, Jane killed for sexual gratification.

Nannie Doss was a Black Widow serial killer who killed eleven people including four husbands, two sisters and her mother.

eBook and Paperback
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Just released. Volume 4 Serial Killers True Crime Annual Anthology

22 Dec 2016 01:46

**WARNING** This book contains graphic forensic crime scene photos and statements that some may find very disturbing.
The best of true crime writing on serial killers over the year is brought together in this fourth volume of the annual Serial Killers True Crime Anthology.
Peter Vronsky in "The Dating Game Killer" follows the twisted story of serial killer Rodney Alcala who was a TV dating game show contestant all the while he was brutally raping and killing women and girls across the United States while taking film-making classes with film director Roman Polanski.
RJ Parker in "Alaskan Killer" looks at the recent case of Joshua Wade who admitted to killing five people in Alaska. In "The Killing Cousins" Parker revisits the historic case of the serial killing team of cousins David Alan Gore and Fred Waterfield who abducted, raped and killed six women in Florida.
Michael Newton in "Death Angel" writes about the case serial killer nurse Orville Majors who was convicted in six murders but suspected in over one hundred-thirty. In the "Hands of Death" Newton revisits the notorious killing duo of Henry Lucas and Ottis Toole and their claim of killing at the behest of a satanic cult.
Sylvia Perrini in "La Madrina Killer" explores the witchcraft killings in Mexico perpetrated by Sara Aldret, a member of a killer cult in Matamoros whose victims included American tourists killed for their body parts to be used in magic potions. In "Child Killer" Perrini looks at the Texas case of teenage killer Erin Caffey who murdered her mother and two younger brothers because her parents did not approve of her dating.
JJ Slate in "The Beauty Queen Killer" looks at the deadly six-week cross-country serial killing rape spree done by Christopher Wilder. In "The Happy Face Killer" Slate gives us a new take on the notorious serial killer Keith Jesperson.
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Serial Homicide

4 Nov 2016 22:32

Serial Homicide

Book 1 in the Serial Homicide Cases Series
by RJ Parker
This is the first book in the 'Serial Homicide' series which will feature six notorious cases in each volume. INCLUDES PHOTOS
Ted Bundy was a burglar, rapist, kidnapper, necrophiliac (sexual intercourse with a corpse) and serial killer in the 1970s. It's believed he killed 30 plus women.
Jeffrey Dahmer (the Milwaukee Monster), was a rapist, killer, necrophiliac, and cannibal who killed 17 young boys and men between 1978 and 1991.
Albert Fish was a child rapist, cannibal and serial killer who operated between 1924 and 1932. It's conceived that he killed at least 9 children and possibly more.
During the 1980s and ‘90s, Gary Ridgway (Green River Killer), a serial killer and necrophiliac, is believed to have killed 49 women, but confessed to murdering 71.
Between 1978 and 1983 in the United Kingdom, Dennis Nilsen (The Kindly Killer) is known to have killed between 12 and 15 young men. He had a ritual of bathing and dressing the corpses, preserving them for a time before dissecting and disposing of his victims by either burning them in a fire or flushing their parts down a toilet.
Known as the Co-Ed Butcher, Edmund Kemper was a cannibal, necrophiliac and serial killer who, between 1964 and 1973, killed 10 women including his mother who he beheaded, used her head as a dartboard and for oral sex.
Plus... Bonus Story
In February 2013, LAPD Cop Chris Dorner went on a shooting revenge/spree killing targeting higher-up officers and their families.
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